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My account balance is incorrect

Many factors, some of which are listed below, could lead to a situation where your account balance seems to be inaccurate on your Aya dashboard.

  1. A part of your annual/semi-annual allocation is missing, thus funds are inaccurate.
  2. A Mastercard claim transaction is pending; the settlement duration for a transaction might range from 24 to 48 hours.
  3. An out of pocket claim submitted twice, leading to deduction in your funds twice.
  4. A Mastercard purchase refund is yet to settle back to your account.
  5. A glitch in the funds movement

In all of the situations listed above and others, we urge you to review claim history to determine the cause of the fund imbalance or contact our team at support@ayacare.com, and we would be pleased to look into the issue for you.